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MKMMA Week 17 True Master Key Experience


The Master Key Experience Hannell Writes In Week 17

The kind of Deity which a man, consciously or unconsciously, worships, indicates the intellectual status of the worshipper.
Ask the Indian of God, and he will describe to you a
powerful chieftain of a glorious tribe.

Ask the Pagan of God, and he will tell you of a God of fire,
a God of water, a god of this, that, and the other.

Ask the Israelite of God,
and he will tell you of the God of Moses, who conceived it
expedient to rule by coercive measures; hence, the Ten

Or of Joshua, who led the Israelites into battle, confiscated
property, murdered the prisoners, and laid waste to cities.

The so-called heathen made “graven images” of their Gods,
whom they were accustomed to worship, but among the
most intelligent, at least, these images were but the visible
fulcrums with which they were enabled to mentally
concentrate on the qualities which they desired to externalize
in their lives.

We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory,
but in practice we make for ourselves “graven images” of
“Wealth,” “Power,” “Fashion,” “Custom” and “Conventionality.
” We “fall down” before them and worship them.

We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized
in our lives.

The student who masters the contents of Part
Seventeen will not mistake the symbols for the reality; he
will be interested in causes, rather than effects.

He will concentrate on the realities of life, and
will then not be disappointed in the result.


I just went through right knee replacement surgery for the second
time. Yes a redo. This time I have had a lot more control over the
pain and movement. I kept telling myself that the right leg was not
broken; that’s just what your body thinks. I tell it that it’s a new artificial
joint. It does not have to lick up and heal the bone.
( I am claiming that for the reason for being delayed on posting this
week) #MasterKeyExperience works


#MKE #ThereIsNothingLikeIt! 


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Author: Robert

Finding my true Definite Major Purpose in life. Taking the #MasterKeyExperience #ThereIsNothingLikeIt! Not many people find out what they are truly here for. Do you know why your here?


  1. Hope it’s a short recovery time for you Robert 🙂 Happy healing!

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